Symphony of Nations (SoNs) is a multinational collaboration of musicians that seeks to reach individuals on the outer margins of society with the love of God and act as a platform for other Christian musicians and artists who feel called to do the same. Our goal is to create quality Christian art that communicates the message of God’s love to the public.
We are extremely multicultural, but we share the same love for Jesus Christ and we are committed to use our music to reach faraway places, and faraway hearts with a sound of hope.

Who we are 

Our core team consists of 7 people (Jaro, Clemens, Katie, Niels, Liesbeth, Danny, Johannes), but we love to have different musicians and friends coming with us and playing with us.

What we do 

Usually once or twice a year we are touring preferred within refugee homes. In-between we are working with different organisations and friends in the social area (Vision for Asia, Nehemia, YMCA, Gostenhof-project, New Life Church Baghdad) or we partake in prayer and worship initiatives (Davids tent, Jesus House Herrnhut, YWAM). Our foundation is our connection to God and fellow Christians, which enables us, to reach out for people helping them.


As in March 2014 for the first time Jaro and Clemens met in Herrnhut, only God could know what should follow. After a first getting-to-know they played first concerts in June 2014. During the summer more friendships with international musicians of YWAM Herrnhut and the Jesus House Herrnhut developed. Shortly after a trip to Israel in November 2014 we formed as Symphony of Nations / SoNs. First shows we played in Czech Republic in “David’s Tabernacle” worship services, we played worship on the streets of Prague and in the red light district of Amsterdam and gave concerts in Polish prisons, Ukrainian and German refugee camps and Czech music clubs. God gave us a heart for the outcast and those suffering on the margins of society and lost in hopelessness. Therefore we focused since 2015 on refugees.